Our Activities

Events and Activities are planned and facilitated by our members, so we can have as many or as few activities as YOU want!  In order to plan an activity, the Board requires that it be God-honoring, supportive of homeschooling, and open to members of ACCHE who are an appropriate age for the activity.  If you need funding for your event/activity, please submit a request to the Board for the amount desired at least 30 days in advance of the date of the event/activity.  The Board will make a decision based on the above requirements.

Please view our events page to see the upcoming events.

Some opportunities which have been offered over the years include:

  • Unity Yearbook: unityyearbook@gmail.com
  • ACCHE Graduation
  • American Heritage Girls
  • Monthly Teen Activities
  • Alamance Eagles Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball
  • Monthly Activities such as swimming at Maynard Aquatics Center; roller skating at Roll-A-Bout; and bowling at Buffaloe Lanes in Mebane
  • Acers Girls’ Volleyball
  • English Country Dance (for teens: early February)
  • Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts
  • Field Day (each Spring)
  • Moravian Cookie Factory Tour

Other Opportunities for Homeschoolers in the Community include:

Activity Guidelines

Planning an Event/Activity:

If you would like to plan and facilitate an activity, first make sure it is God-honoring, supportive of homeschooling, and beneficial for and open to ACCHE members.  If you need funds, submit a request to the Board at least 30 days in advance.  Then simply email the group offering your activity to see if there’s interest to join you!  You do not need permission from the Board to plan an activity; however if it does not meet the requirements above, the Board reserves the right to disallow you from advertising your activity on ACCHE’s email loop and calendar.

Supervision of Children:

Children should be under supervision of their parent(s) at all times, at all activities. The parent is responsible for the child’s behavior. The parent may choose another parent to supervise the child in the case of the parent’s absence, and if so, that parent assumes all responsibility of that child’s behaviors during the activity. Supervision of children is necessary to provide for the safety of the child.

RSVP for activities:

Activities of the ACCHE are generally of two types — those which require an RSVP, and those which allow members a “last minute” decision by not requiring an RSVP. If an activity requires an RSVP, please be respectful of all involved by RSVPing by the requested date, and also by not trying to attend if you did not RSVP in time.

PLEASE show respect for the person who is planning the activity by following these guidelines:

  • If an RSVP is required and a date is given, call before 8:00 pm on that day or an earlier day.
  • If you forget to RSVP, please do not show up at the activity expecting to have a place. This is very embarrassing to all parties involved. If you do not RSVP, you will not have a reservation for your family.
  • If you RSVP for an event, please be at the activity ON TIME.
  • When leaving an RSVP on an answering machine, please leave your name and phone number in case of any questions or extra instructions.
  • If you find that an emergency has arisen, please contact the parent in charge to see what YOUR responsibility is in that event. If the event involves a charge, you may need to be responsible for finding a replacement or paying the money. This may not be the case, but it is your responsibility to ask.