Homeschool Prom

Prom is an annual event for our local Homeschoolers, and takes place each Spring for youth ages 15-20.

2018’s Prom will be Friday, April 20th, 2018, at Trinity Worship Center, from 7:30-11:00 PM.

Prom Guidelines

Prom 2018 Registration Form

*Note for Attendees:
If you are a homeschool student, ages 15-20, you may fill out a
registration form and attend.

If you–a current homeschool student–would like to invite a DATE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX, you may, whether or not he/she is a homeschooler. That person will be entered on YOUR Registration form as your date for Prom.

If you are NOT bringing a date of the opposite sex, then there should
only be ONE name on your Registration form–yours.

If you are a homeschool graduate (alumni), and you are between the
ages of 15-20, you may attend the Prom if you’d like, assuming that
there is space for all of the current homeschoolers to attend first.
If by chance (which is not likely), we run out of room for all the
attendees due to the capacity of the venue, graduate’s spots will be
given up to current homeschoolers.